History of the Institute La Pineda

In the cooperative The Bienhechora at the Institut La Pineda or Badalona-I


Our center has its origins in the cooperative school The Bienhechora de l'Ateneu Obrer Badalona (actual its Conservatory of Music in Badalona). The first directors were Pompeu Fabra, Pau Casas Emili the Rodon.



L'any 1914 hi l founded fou’Escola Municipal d'Arts i Oficis initiative of the Commonwealth of Catalonia. L'any 1925, When the State Industrial Education will enter in force, school became Labour Elementary School, and began to offer courses in complementary professional and formal titles issued and authorized labor officer.

As a result of the adoption of the Statute of industrial and vocational education, sponsored by regim de Primo de Rivera, they built the new building for the’Labour Elementary School.



In the Civil War transcurs Espanyola s'ofereix specialization course in preparation in response to the great demand: The escola, which until then had been just for boys, will esdevenir mixta. L'any 1957 switch to dir-if Master Industrial School.



The nom de I Badalona, the year received 1970, when he became a Training Institute, as a result of the recently approved General Law of Education.

From this moment, the number of students was increasing: L'any 1978, due to the growth of students, Institute're back in divideix, i es crea Institute Pompeu Fabra (Badalona II).



L'any 1983 inaugurated the current building located in the Batlloria, the switch to anomenar-if La Pineda, because of the trees they have at North banda.

Més tard, when the s'aprova General Organic Llei on Education (LOGSE), Pineda began to offer courses in secondary education, Current ESO l'.


The fins avui, hi facing som!

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